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We are making the deal worth at any cost we try to make long relation contacts.

In this new era of Industrial Growth all the industries have to maintain a regular pace so that they can walk to foot to foot with the world. Manpower is the backbone of industries. It can enhance the name of the company or can hamper the name. Our company, Maa Chamunda Enterprises is best in services. We have all grades of manpower.

Who We Are

Established in year 1989 is a team characterized by high professional ethics & efficient services for its clients.

What We Do

We are among the best Manpower supliers in India providing total manpower solutions to our client.


To bridge the gap between availability of skilled manpower

The Quality

Wherever we are, we adopt the highest standards of professional service to recruit the best candidates who will best contribute to our client's progress


To supply skilled,unskilled, semi-skilled labour to our clients, our vision is customer satisfaction.


To achieve excellence services in supporting Client’s strategic needs which are scalable and accessible.

Our Clients

Our services

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Maa Chamunda Enterprise

Skilled Manpower

Skill is an evolution of a person’s proficiency, wages, and the specialization in a field. Skilled employees usually get higher salaries and rank workers in the company. Worker who are carpenter, fitter, welder, bakers, coopers etc comes in skilled labour category.

Contract Employee Supplier

Having contract labour supply can make a big difference into your construction or production timeline. A contractor can offer you with these services when signing a deal with you.

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Maa Chamunda Enterprise

Maa Chamunda Enterprises

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Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India

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