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These ornaments are also worn on the nose and currently people have gone as far as wearing them on the tongue. The use of body jewelry 16 gauge can be traced to centuries ago hence it is not a new trend. However the style and forms of the body jewelry has undergone significant evolution from some sort of crude artifacts many years ago to the present day elegant varieties. The use of these ornaments has been attributed to the prestige attached with them and are used as an indicator of one¡¯s social class in present day society. Different types of body jewelry are found in the market place. Bars commonly worn in few piercings like the tongue are measured in terms of their length. Long bars are most suitable where the piercing is fresh and not completely healed. On the other hand short bars are preferable in cases where the body jewelry reviews are completely healed. The other common form is the ring whose use depends on the diameter. There is a technical term used for the ring thickness referred to as the ¡®gauge number¡¯. The thicker rings have a low gauge number and the reverse is true. Experts recommend a gauge number of 14 for all piercings below the neck. This constitutes the ones worn on the nipple, male genitalia, female genitalia etc. Visit many sites for more information and get these things through online websites. You can easily get through online. Much as thebody jewelryis attractive and appealing to many people buy body jewelry, it is of paramount importance to note that they might come along with severe complications if appropriate care is not taken. The most important precaution to take so as to prevent problems emanating from these ornaments is keen selection.