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Recruiting is the buzz word of the time. After your academics the main tension that you carry is whether you will be in the right job and the right organization. Many a times you fail to get the right direction or an organization fail to have the right candidates. Now with time there has come up various budding manpower supply organization or agency or which you can say help your organization get the most efficient people. Thus manpower service companies are doing a brilliant job in this sector.

Permanent employees are a company's most valuable asset

Maa Chamunda Enterprises has the ability to handle the recruitment of large numbers of personnel for organizations through its centralized database, head hunting and advertisements. Solutions that really are permanent - You'll get the right people because we know where to find them, how to convince them - and how to match them to your business needs and culture so that they become a long term assets for the organization.

Temporary Staffing Solution

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Flexible jobs are here to stay and why not? The corporate world has accepted and is demanding flexible staffing solutions across all major industries. The experienced and highly dedicated team at Maa Chamunda Enterprises has been receptive to the changing needs of its clients. Time and again, we have been successful in meeting specific manpower requirements of our valued customers by delivering such customized and tailor-made services that fulfill the most current needs and work environment. Maa Chamunda Enterprises’s Temporary Staffing Solutions are in tune with the latest industry demands and trends. Our rich experience in the field of Flexi Staffing Services enables us to match the needs of our clients with the most suitable temporary staff – person / persons who are widely experienced, efficient and ideal for the contractual position.

Contract Labour

labour supply contract

It means someone who signs a deal with you for providing any type of specified labour work. It is very crucial for the starting, continual and till the end of a successful project. It can be a construction project, any production line, or any of the projects that requires good amount of labour. Nowadays success of a project specially depends on the smooth work flow and that depends only on the labor that is working for you. Handling and arranging labour these days are very tedious task. But you can’t take a chance on that. Having contract labour supply can make a big difference into your construction or production timeline. A contractor can offer you with these services when signing a deal with you.

  • A good amount of labour as per requirements
  • Good labour consultancy
  • Labour with supervisors at different levels
  • All the necessary labour equipments
  • Labour Safety
  • Following with Govt. norms

Skilled Manpower

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  • Manpower who are ITI (Fitter, Welder, Machinist,)
  • Press Operator (Press Machine, CNC Machines, Welding Machines, BMC Operator)
  • Quality Inspector
  • Line Inspector
  • Bottling Operator
  • Drivers etc.

Un-Skilled Manpower

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  • Helper (Fitter, Welder, Machinist)
  • General Movement of Materials
  • Feeding of Material etc.

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